Hey, I'm Kasia.


My name is Kasia Simura Lussier and I’m a creative soul living in the beautiful New England. I was born in Eastern Europe and had the magical opportunity to spend my childhood exploring old castles, forests, and parks. That has sprouted my love of nature, which is one of my greatest sources of creative inspiration.


Transplanted to the Midwest part of United States as a curious tween, I spent about a decade exploring Minnesota, its grand lakes and the inhumanely frigid winters. Winter, though, is STILL my favorite season and I keep trying to convince my husband to move to Alaska (he refuses, but has agreed to go there on a trip)! A road trip after college brought me on a new adventure to New England, which quickly captured my heart and became my new home. Through all the travels, meeting and working with some amazing people is always the best part!


My photography is inspired by the natural and physical world around us, and I love to explore how we are connected to it. I have also always had a passion for capturing special moments and seeing people’s stories come to life through my work. It allows me to connect with people on a deeper level. Some people are amazing story tellers are are able to connect with others through words. Words don’t come as easily for me…but I’m an incredible listener and observer, and I channel what I hear and see into my photography.

The Process

Couple dancing argentine tango, Dance event photoraphy by Kasia Lussier, Simura Design, LLC

01. We'll Connect

You’ll tell me your story, and what memories you want captured. We’ll chat about the who, where and when. And of course, we’ll go over package options.

02. Conceptualize Your Vision

We’ll go over posing, wardrobe, and anything else you may need to prepare for your photo shoot. If you have favorite poses in mind, feel free to share them with me ahead of time. Hint: Pinterest is awesome for this.

Dock on Lake George in NY, travel photography by Kasia Lussier, Simura Design, LLC

03. Capture Your Memories

The day of the photo shoot, you’re the star. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible, so you have an awesome experience. Before delivering your photos, I’ll sprinkle some magic fairy dust on them (ahem…Lightroom editing).


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