Kasia Simura

Exploring the World

Hello!  My name is Kasia Lussier (Née Simura) and I’m a creative soul living in the beautiful New England. I was born in Eastern Europe and had the magical opportunity to spend my childhood exploring the rich history of my native Poland as well as neighboring countries.  My enchantment with all the castles, forests, and parks have sprouted a love of nature, which is one of my greatest sources of creative inspiration.

Finding Home

Transplanted to the Midwest part of United States as a curious tween,  I spent about a decade exploring Minnesota, its grand lakes and the inhumanely frigid winters. Winter, though, is STILL my favorite season and I keep trying to convince my husband to move to Alaska (he refuses, but has agreed to go there on a trip)! A road trip after college brought me on a new adventure to new England, which quickly captured my heart and became my new home. Through all the travels, meeting and working with some amazing people is always the best part!

Telling Your Story through Art

My artwork is inspired by the natural and physical world around us, and I love to explore how we are connected to it.  I have also always had a passion for capturing special moments and seeing people’s stories come to life through my artwork. It allows me to connect with people on a deeper level. Some people are amazing story tellers are are able to connect with others through words. Words don’t come as easily for me…but I’m an incredible listener and observer, and I channel what I hear and see into my photography and artwork.


Karen and I are deeply touched by the beautiful portrait of our Connecticut home. When Dan gave us the portrait we didn’t know what to say, it was beautiful. You are an extremely talented and wonderful artist. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated! – Steve & Karen V.

Kasia is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her for any position within an organization. She communicates professionally and puts the customer first. She is very personable and, being clear and concise in her communications, puts the customer at ease. Kasia has been able to complete all of my projects with 100% satisfaction in substance and always with on time delivery. Many times because of her competence Kasia is able to deliver projects well before their due date. Kasia has the ability to solve complex problems and projects with her diverse and high level of knowledge and experience. – Hugh Chapman

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kasia Simura both personally and professionally. It was a very fortunate day for me when Kasia decided to join the graphics team at work. We deal with highly detailed aircraft components, and the art we present to our clients leans to the more complicated side of the scale. Kasia has an aptitude and ability that makes her well suited to the complicated and in-depth work required for aviation. Kasia’s work requires a great deal of focus and determination, and is always correct and meets the specifications that govern our manuals. Kasia’s attention to detail and ability to quickly interpret my needs allows me to keep all of my projects moving forward. I never have to wait for art for my manuals, and in an industry where deadlines continue to get shorter and shorter something like that is crucial. We consistently receive positive feedback from our clients regarding the quality of the books we produce, and the art Kasia contributes is no small part of that. No project is too complicated and no deadline is too short. Kasia manages every project with a great attitude and the days are always shorter and better when she is on my team. – Melissa Young

Current and Past Projects

  • Daniel Lussier (Lussier Homes Real Estate) – Website Redesign, Branding, Social Medial platform updates, Real Estate Photography, Drone Photography and Video
  • Fox Field Farms – Website Redesign, Marketing graphic design
  • Various Clients – Commissioned Photography, Illustration & Painting 
  • Carole Lyn Woodring – Children’s Book Illustration and marketing graphic design
  • Colligart Gifts – Graphic Design
  • Connoisseur Media, LLC – Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media Management
  • UMN Dept of Cardiology, Dr. Andrew Rivard – Science Illustration
  • UMN Dept of Physiology, Prof. John Osborn – Science Illustration
  • UMN College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Victor Cox – Science Illustration
  • UMN Dept of Neuroscience, Prof. Martha Flanders – MatLab and LabView custom program coding, Experiment Analysis, Science Illustration

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