Annabelle – Then and Now

Annabelle-Please-Don't-Tell!I was thinking back to when Carole Lyn Woodring and I first started working on Annabelle and her first story.  Geared up with excitement and lots of ideas snatching up control of my brain cells, I got my pencils and markers out and sat down at my desk with the excitement of an eight year old child opening their birthday gifts.  What was Annabelle going to look like?  What would she wear?  What expressions would she have?  After a few versions, Carole and I settled on a spunky seven year old with long, reddish brown hair and an ever-present curiosity in her big hazel eyes.  Annabelle was born and she was ready to take on the world!  Or at least the world within a few blocks vicinity of her house.

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