SCBWI 2015 Conference in NYC

Kasia/ February 11, 2015/ Articles, News/ 0 comments

There was no snoozing Saturday morning, which is what I usually do when I have to beat the roosters crowing.  As my alarm went off at 3:30am to catch the early train, my brain was already racing in anticipation of the SCBWI conference.  The train pulled into Grand Central Terminal just in

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Hello Twitter

Kasia/ November 22, 2014/ Articles, News

I finally did it! I’ve joined the tweeting community and I’m excited to share updates, news and random creative thoughts with everyone. Check out my twitter page at

A Success Story – Custom Ketubah

Kasia/ September 4, 2014/ Art & Design, Articles, Featured, News

Anya and Fima approached me with a unique and exciting project idea, and I felt honored to be able to work on it. In Anya and Fima’s tradition, a wedding contract is written out in an ornate document, known as ketubah. Wanting their wedding contract to be showcased in a special and

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Annabelle’s Secrets Revealed

Kasia/ August 31, 2014/ Articles, News

After more than a year and a half of secrets being held hush hush, Annabelle is ready to share them with the world.  Carole and I are in the final stages of self-publishing “My COMPLICATED Week”, which should hit the Amazon shelves in at most a couple weeks.  We have received final

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