Custom House Portraits for Any Occasion

A house is built into a home by filling it with experiences and special memories. Walking into a house for the first time and knowing it will become your home is a very special feeling. Imagine that experience tied to an original artwork capturing the beauty of that experience…imagine becoming an art collector even before turning the key for the first time. Whether buying a new house or selling a childhood home, an original portrait of the house will keep it special in your heart forever.

Custom House Portraits by Kasia Simura
A House Portrait package includes original artwork, presented with a complimentary gallery frame and mat, a magnetic collectors story card, and a certificate of authenticity.

Make a special occasion more meaningful

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Client Appreciation
  • Closing Gifts
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Weddings

A gift for yourself and gift for someone else

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: The Perfect Closing Gift

As a real estate agent, your client network likely revolves around referrals. Build lasting relationships with your clients for years to come with a custom house portrait closing gift. Join my mailing list and get a free flyer with more information about my “Love Your Home” program for realtors.

A custom house portrait is a perfect gift for any occasion…or no occasion at all, that can be passed down from generation to generation, becoming an heirloom and a connection to the past. Help a wedding couple mark the beginning of their journey together with a rendering of their church or wedding location. Keep a college graduate close at heart by commemorating their childhood home in an original artwork. Celebrate your first home, your second home…your vacation home and your retirement home…with a detailed painting that you will be proud to showcase to your family and friends. Show your appreciation and gratitude for your clients with a rendering of their home or business, and help build a lasting bond. House portraits also make a wonderful closing gift for homebuyers and home sellers from their realtors. If you’re a real estate agent or any professional who works hard to offer the best service to their clients, a personalized closing gift like this will help keep you top of mind and might even win you a referral or two.

Personalize your custom house portrait

Each portrait of a house is created using the finest artist quality materials possible to assure long lasting beauty of the artwork and to protect your investment in fine art. You can make your house portrait even more unique by personalizing it with the street name, family name, or a short message.

Custom House Portrait - Personalize your artwork

Help give back to our community

In the spirit of paying forward, portion of proceeds from your original house portrait will be donated to a cause dedicated to improving the quality and enrichment of life.

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