Editorial Ethics Policy


At Simura Design, it is my goal to share my love of photography and creativity to help us grow our skills and connect with each other. I do this in a number of ways including product and service recommendations, how-to videos and articles, and overall creative inspiration. 

Ultimately, I want you to feel empowered and inspired, which is why each article I publish has hours of research, writing, fact-checking and editing behind it. My recommendations come from real experiences.


Product and service reviews at Simura Design is an ever-changing process. I strive to provide high quality recommendations of products and services that I have personally tried or someone I trust has tried.  I’m committed to testing any product I recommend. You won’t find reviews that come from aggregated online information.

I write my own product reviews and recommendations based on hands-on testing. If I request samples from the various PR agencies and in some cases, buy the testing samples myself, that will be disclosed in the review. Every printed thought and opinion comes from this testing, and not from other reviews online or third-party information.

If a brand or product pays me to write an article, it will be clearly marked as “sponsored content,” but the opinions will still be my own.


As with most sites on the internet, I do use affiliate links. 

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com if you click through and make a purchase.

However, affiliate partnerships do not affect inclusion in my reviews and tips. If a brand does not have an affiliate account but tests well, I will 100% still include them. The priority is always providing the best, high-quality content to help you get the most out of your creative journey.


When you purchase a digital or physical product from me, I will receive your information, including name, home address, and email address. I will never sell or share your data.

If you purchase from any of the companies I’m an affiliate for, know that they never share your personal information with me. For example, if you are buying from Amazon using my affiliate link, I will get a report that someone purchased something and what my commission is, but Amazon will not tell me anything about the person who bought it.


I will regularly review my Editorial Ethics Policy and update this page accordingly.

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